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Antonio Linnen

The Leadership Coach

Leadership Development Coaching

My goal is to help you increase employee morale and retention, improve productivity, and train future leaders enhance their leadership skills.

Certified DISC Trainer

DiSC is the leading tool used every year to improve work productivity, teamwork and communication. Ready to take your personal and professional life to a new level?

Keynote Speaker

Have an event that you want your audience to leave transformed and ready to make changes? Antonio is the person to share his expertise in leadership development.


Having a business that is producing low revenue.
Communication is not effective and your team doesn't have the support it needs.
Working in an environment where the team morale is low.
Leadership Coach

Antonio Linnen

Native of South Carolina, Antonio Linnen is a man of many well-rounded facets. He is a National Guard sergeant of South Carolina since 2006 that utilized and repurposed his career expertise to lead others into living prosperously and purposefully. With over 20 years of leadership experience, Antonio has made it his life’s mission to coach and inspire individuals to become more developed with an increase in productivity, exceed their basic level of potential and master their gifts and skills to become their best selves. He is an activator of change and operates with the mission to help others become dynamic leaders leading more successful and happier lives while impacting and setting a spark in others to do the same. Antonio believes that progressing from who you were yesterday and evolving today is the ultimate key to thriving in life. His goal is to help those who he works with experience amazing improvements in their productivity, time management, motivation, leadership skills, flexibility, goal attainment, creativity, stress reduction, and work/life balance. Antonio currently resides in Summerville, South Carolina with his wife, Senovia, and two young boys.

John Maxwell Certified Speaker

John Maxwell Certified Speaker

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